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Art by Don David Young

Hi, my name is dondavid. I am an American artist in Palm Springs, California. My intention is to produce mind invigorating two dimensional fine art. This process was temporarily put on hold due to "artist block." In this tiny International city of Palm Springs, I became an instuctor as well as creator of fine art. I was critiqued ,locally, as being "Fringey", "Brutal", and Bold.  I recently built this web site for an audience that would once again appreciate my visual interpretations of the world around us.


The Subject MATTERS...

This painting, "I Can See", is about a fellow artist that betrayed me to get in to a local gallery. Her behavior was forgiven and colorfuly illustrated in this composition of the painting.

 The artist in the composition will remain a mystery to the world as I understand her past pain and the pain of artistry in the present. I wish for the both of us, peace, prolific documentation, and profound prosperity...


"I Can See Through You Like a Rainy Window"

oil on canvas

24" x 30"


Don David Young

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