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Julian Bayres 1943 - 2005

 Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1943, Julian Bayres studied classic art in Europe including intensive trainingin the fine arts under tutelage of master crafstman. He traveled extensively throughout Latin America working in art related fields and continued to experiment with various forms of artistic expression. He has been collected in several American Museums and collected by Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Max Factor to name a few.


 In 1970 he settled in the United States to live as an artist. His early works realistically represent American folklore and heritage. Mostly self educated, he opened, in 1971, his first art studio in Los Angeles, California. In 1973 he opened an art Gallery in Pasaden, California, until the totality of his work was assimulated by an Italian art studio. In 1984 he established his studio in Venice, California where he did a series of works for the Olymic Games of 1984.

 After a brief journey to the East Coast art world, Julian came back to California in 1992. After touring throughout the United States he was invited to work and participate in the development of a unique art colony in Palm Springs, California.
This International haven of artists, musicians and gardens was known as Palpas Art Gardens and Nursery, the former home of Neal's Nursery, where Julian found refuge until the tragic sale of the property to Home Builders in 2003.

The Final Chapter

 After what seemed to be excile from the art gardens, Julian rented a small trailer in a quaint 1950's trailer park not  far from his former studio at Palapas. For income he took a job at a local Country Club supervising a grounds crew. Julian for the first time in decades, found himself without a studio to work and the family of artists he knew disperssed to the winds.

  On July 9th 2005 Julian Bayres took his own life with his own hand gun he attained as a police officer in Spain. After a long battle with depression and immediate financial problems, Julian decided to end his life after spending his rent money to pay for veterinary costs for is cat. Fearing an eviction Julian shot himself in the chest...

My friend-

Julian was a fellow artist and neighbor at Palapas Art Gardens of Palm Springs. He was a loner part time when he was not busy enjoying the creative mojo he found with his fellow artists. He was always happy to help me out with a composition or a critique of my own artwork anytime night or day.

 I have found myself in his shoes more than once as many of our artist friends do. More than a year has passed and I find myself still in great sadness. The world has lost a great artist too soon...